More than just a school

An education at Agora International School Andorra, goes beyond the requirements of the official curriculum; we focus on attending to the individual needs of each of our students in order to help them to fulfil their maximum potential both academically and personally.

Music, Art and creative subjects help to improve memory and concentration, develop sensitivity and creativity and provide alternative means of self-expression. Acquiring these skills can help cognitive, creative and social development and can be applied in many other areas of our students’ lives.

Similarly, we place great importance on sports and physical activities, not only for their obvious benefits for health and fitness, but also as a way to encourage values such as teamwork, friendship, respect and cooperation.

These disciplines constitute part of daily life at our school and form essential components of our students’ all-round education.


Our focus on encouraging children to enjoy and participate in musical activities begins at the Early Years stage and continues throughout Primary and beyond. Music is regularly used as a teaching tool in class with our younger students and teachers encourage enjoyment of music in all its forms.  Classes incorporate the piano, ukulele and various percussion instruments and children are encouraged to reach a point whereby they are inspired to continue with their musical studies to a higher level as they progress through the school. Students can also learn the violin and are invited to participate in a range of musical events and activities. Music is an invaluable class teaching tool and can help to:

  • Help with a child’s overall development
  • Encourage sensitivity, creativity and self-discipline
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Agora International School Andorra has an excellent on-site sports centre and a wide range of sports and activities are on offer to encourage the acquisition of physical skills, promote health and fitness and develop fundamental values. Sport at Agora International School Andorra involves:

  • Developing physical skills and promoting individual talent
  • Providing access to a wide variety of sports and activities
  • Skills such as perseverance, hard work, effort and self-discipline
  • Encouraging teamwork, leadership and communication skills
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Creative Arts

Participating in Creative Arts helps to foster creativity, self-expression and artistic sensibility, and provide enormous cognitive and personal benefits. Arts subjects help to form young people that are empathic, well-rounded and with an ability to see things from a different perspective. Our Arts programmes offer:

  • An opportunity for our pupils to express themselves through creativity
  • Develop creative skills and original thinking
  • Stimulate concentration, empathy and formation of ideas
  • Participate in local and international competitions
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