Multilingual education

Immersion in Spanish, English, French and Catalan

Preparation for official exams

Cultural exchanges and international opportunities

Trips and boarding overseas

NACE Schools international events

At Agora International School Andorra, we equip our students with the tools that they will need for a successful future on the international stage. One of our principal aims is to encourage our pupils to achieve fluency in our three principal languages, Spanish, English and French. Pupils also study Catalan, Andorra’s official language.

The key to successful language learning is immersion from an early age. Children are immersed in English from the very first stage of preschool, (0-2 years), and pupils continue to develop their linguistic and communication skills throughout the Early Years stage from 3 to 5 years old. In Primary, children learn to read in English and a system of phonetics is used to help them to establish good English writing and spelling skills. As they progress through the school, students can obtain official University of Cambridge English qualifications, and can sit the Alliance Française examination in French.

Pupils at Agora International School Andorra are invited to participate in an extensive range of trips, exchanges and cultural visits to England, Ireland, France and the United States. The school has an exchange arrangement with the prestigious Stonar school in the United Kingdom, also a member of the NACE group, and many students choose to attend Stonar’s amazing summer school. It is also possible to study at Stonar’s main school for one or two terms, or for a full academic year.

The NACE schools group organises a series of international events, which provide children with the opportunity to interact with other young people from NACE schools from around the world. These events include:

  • NACE Model United Nations (NACEMUN): a simulation of United Nations conferences in which pupils become country delegates and debate current global affairs in English.
  • NACE Academic Olympiad: science, maths, IT and linguistic tournaments during which students from different NACE schools compete in a friendly, international and multi-lingual context.
  • NACE International Music Festival: a week-long festival during which students can display their musical talent and share their passion for music.
  • NACE Olympic Games: a sporting competition involving a wide range of sports including football, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming and athletics.
  • NACE Arts Competition: a multi-disciplinary arts event which allows pupils to share their creativity and artistic expression through a variety of mediums.

NACE international events offer a unique learning experience, providing students with a forum in which to use and improve their language skills, participate in exciting and challenging international events and develop friendships with other young people from around the world.

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