Preparación global

Research has shown that introducing several languages ​​at an early age can assist cognitive development and provide children with numerous intellectual and social benefits. At Agora International School Andorra, we offer a trilingual education in Spanish, English and French from the moment your child joins us at the school.  An extensive range of study programmes, activities and exchanges are available which are designed to enable students to enjoy a truly international educational experience, broadening their horizons and helping to prepare them for a future within the global community.


Our overriding objective is to provide our students with an education that will prepare them for life within the global community, and we believe that becoming fluent in several languages is an important factor in achieving this end. Spanish, English and French are the main teaching languages and are in daily use around the school. Classes are taught by native and bilingual teachers and pupils also take classes in Catalan, Andorra’s official language.

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Stays abroad

Stays abroad provide students with linguistically, culturally and personally enriching experiences. Pupils from Agora International School Andorra get to share their time, enjoy adventures and build friendships with other young people from around the world, helping them to become more open-minded, culturally aware and positive about the future possibility of living, working and studying abroad.

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NACE Schools International Events

NACE’s extensive programme of international events and activities provides our students with the opportunity to perfect their language skills whilst exchanging views, sharing skills and building friendships with students from around the world.

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International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a highly-renowned, internationally-recognised qualification that facilitates access to the best universities in the world. The IB programme encourages students to adopt an analytical, inquisitive and broad-minded approach, allowing each individual to study in the way that suits them best and preparing them for an international future. Agora Andorra is currently a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate and we will soon be approved as a partner school enabling us to offer these prestigious courses to our senior students.


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