Educational Excellence

At Agora International School Andorra our mission is to prepare our students to live successfully and happily in today’s globalised world. Educational Excellence is one of the four core principles that we have defined to enable us to achieve this goal. We employ talented professionals, who are specialists in their fields, and who receive continual training to ensure that the teaching methods they use are geared towards developing the strengths and abilities of every student. Classes sizes are small, allowing staff to provide every child with the attention that they need, identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them to achieve their full academic and personal potential.

We aim to educate young people with strong cognitive, communicative, creative, physical and social skills. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum designed to support each pupil’s educational journey from the moment they enter our school to the moment they leave us. Our curriculum is innovative and based upon clearly defined teaching methods, delivered by a highly qualified team. The school employs excellent support staff, including an educational psychologist who provides additional support and guidance for students, teachers and families when necessary. The Agora International School Andorra team is there to ensure that your child receives the best possible preparation for a happy and successful future.

Curriculum and Key Stages

The curriculum at Agora International School Andorra focuses on meeting the needs and individual requirements of every pupil in our care, helping to prepare them academically and socially for whatever future path they choose to follow. Our goal is to educate our students to become valuable and responsible members of society, who can recognise, understand and respond to the problems and challenges facing the world today.

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The teaching methods employed at Agora International School Andorra are designed to help our students to maximise their academic and personal potential. Our teachers guide and support pupils throughout their time with us, helping them to develop the skills that they need to become independent and confident learners. We use a range of teaching and learning strategies to positively impact upon student progress and to ensure that all our pupils are provided with the support, encouragement and motivation that they need to succeed.

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Technological innovation

New technologies provide students with new and dynamic learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Activities such as programming and coding encourage cognitive development and help students to appreciate the almost unlimited possibilities afforded by future technologies, and to prepare them for tomorrow’s technological challenges.

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Our teachers

We aim to recruit teachers who are at the forefront of their profession and to provide them with ongoing training to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to motivate and inspire their students. Globeducate provide a range of opportunities for professional training and development and organise a series of workshops where teachers can discuss and share effective teaching and learning strategies. Initiatives such as the Learning Coaches programme and Globeducate Platinum Standard help our teachers remain at the cutting edge of educational innovation and research.

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Educational Psychology Department

Agora International School Andorra’s Educational Psychology Department works with students, teachers and parents to ensure a coherent approach to the educational process, both at school and at home, providing individual support and guidance wherever it is needed.

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