A Values-based Education

An education in basic human values ​​is key to the academic, social and personal development of our students at all stages of their education. From the moment your child joins us at Agora International School Andorra, we gently reinforce the basic values that help to make the world we live in a more positive and pleasant place to be, whilst encouraging our students to work hard and be respectful, friendly, tolerant and honest.

To acquire the knowledge and understanding that will help them throughout their lives, children have to learn how to be self-disciplined, positive and determined, and to understand why rules are necessary and how to obey them. We expect our pupils to be polite and respectful, not only to adults, but to each other, and to understand that they are ambassadors for themselves, for Agora International School Andorra and for the Globeducate group as a whole.

Academic excellence goes hand in hand with personal excellence. From Early Years onwards, we encourage our students to adopt the school’s values and to understand the importance of perseverance, self-discipline, tolerance and respect for themselves and others. As they progress through Secondary and Post 16, students learn how to think clearly and rationally, resolve conflict, be innovative and thorough in their research, and to have the motivation to strive for continual improvement.

Charity Work

Throughout their time at school, students are encouraged to participate in charity and community projects, which provide them with opportunities to develop a sense of compassion, empathy and social responsibility. Our students are currently involved in supporting national charities such as Cáritas and Action against Hunger, and local initiatives such as the Jove Voluntariat Lector.

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