Cambridge Exams

Cambridge Exams

As an officially authorised Cambridge Examinations centre, we can offer our summer school students the opportunity to complete an intensive preparation programme for the Cambridge English examinations

From Monday to Friday, students can combine the exam preparation sessions with one of the afternoon activities offered as part of the Super Summer programme. Students can choose to participate in either the MULTI-ADVENTURE or the CIRKUS ART courses, except Thursday afternoons when the exam preparation students are involved in directed study sessions. Students wishing to take the exam preparation courses are required to sign up for the full four-week course.

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 1-26 July 2019

Course lenght:

4 weeks

Age range

From 12 to 17 years


Special sibling and stoudents discount

Cambridge Exams

Students are grouped according to their level of English and are taught by highly experienced native teachers using tried and tested teaching techniques. The course focuses on developing skills in reading comprehension, written expression, listening comprehension, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Students are carefully prepared for the official Cambridge examinations and are given extensive help and advice about exam technique ensuring they are well prepared and confident to take the final exam.

Are you interested? Places are limited and are attended in order of arrival.

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