Once students have completed the Secondary phase of their education, they go on to study the Bachillerato (the Spanish national qualification for Post 16 pupils) and will soon be able to study for the International Baccalaureate (IB). Regardless of how they choose to continue their studies at this stage, we will ensure that they are given all the teaching expertise, support and guidance they need to succeed as they continue their academic journey.

Students at Agora International School Andorra can choose between the three study pathways offered by the Bachillerato; Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. The subjects in each pathway are designed to ensure that students acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding, and the qualifications necessary to access the next stage of academic study at universities throughout Andorra, Spain and in the rest of the world.

Our Post 16 students are encouraged to set attainable goals and move forward to either further academic study or into their chosen career path. Fluency in more than one language is central to their success and enables them to participate in international events such as the «Model United Nations» and other activities that aim to stimulate enquiring and innovative minds.

Both the Spanish Bachillerato and the International Baccalaureate diploma help students to identify possible future career paths. Following completion of the P.A.U. examinations (that are required for entry to Spanish Universities), we offer a programme of work experience or company placements that help our students to understand the realities of life in the workplace.

Post 16 students are encouraged to attend University Open Days in order to help them to make the course choices that will suit them best. The Student Guidance Department uses questionnaires and psychometric testing to assist students in making the most appropriate choices based upon their abilities and strengths. Whatever they decide to do as they move on from Agora International School Andorra, they will be well prepared!

Spanish/American Dual Qualification

The Spanish/American Dual High School Diploma enables students to obtain a double award allowing access to both Spanish and American Universities. This qualification complements the international character of our academic vision, with an emphasis on fluency in both English and Spanish and provides students with the academic and personal tools that they will need to succeed in today’s global community.

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