Open Day: Imagine Tomorrow

Imagine an international future, without language or cultural barriers, without academic or professional limits. For us it is the present, and we invite you to discover it in our Open Day that will take place on February 11 and 20 at 9:30 a.m. Come and see first-hand the school and our complete educational project.

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Welcome to Globeducate

Since its birth in 1972, NACE Schools has lived a steady growth, starting with Spain and extending through Europe, Canada, India and Malaysia. Currently, the group has more than 50 schools in 10 countries and a community of more than 25,000 students. We are, more than ever, a global network and a leader in international education. We feel that we have evolved, and our name must do so, so we are now Globeducate.

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Agora International School Andorra offers a wide range of extracurricular activities designed to encourage our students to explore their talents, discover new abilities and enjoy their free time productively. Activities such as martial arts, dance, 3D Art and robotics, in addition to a wide range of sporting activities are on offer to complement our main school curriculum.

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Our Boarding House

Our boarding facility provides comfortable, shared rooms for up to 50 students aged from 9 to 18 years old. Two members of staff are always on duty at the house, and regular contact is maintained with their families. Andorra’s residential programme includes study sessions, sports and a range of leisure activities, which are specially tailored to meet the needs of our boarders.

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Spanish/American High School Dual Diploma

Students at Agora International School Andorra can study for the Spanish/American Dual Diploma, which is a double award incorporating the Spanish pre-university qualification, the Bachillerato, and the American High School Diploma, allowing students to apply directly to American Universities.

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Globeducate Events

The Globeducate group organises a number of international events to which pupils from Globeducate schools all around the world are invited. The events include sporting competitions, artistic events and academic activities, providing a unique opportunity for our students to share their talents, friendship and values with young people of more than 50 nationalities.

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High-performance sport

Students at Agora International School Andorra who excel in a particular sport can choose to follow our high-performance sports programmes. For children following these courses, the school day is reorganised in order to ensure that they can dedicate the necessary time and expertise to fully developing their skills and to achieving their full sporting and academic potential.

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Agora International School Andorra

Agora International School Andorra

Agora International School Andorra is noted for its innovative curriculum and international outlook, focussing on full immersion in various languages and achieving excellent academic standards. We have first-rate boarding facilities allowing us to welcome children from all over the world. Our three working languages are English, Spanish and French, which are spoken at every stage of the curriculum and classes in Catalan, Andorra’s official language, are also taught from Early Years onwards. Senior students can study for the American/Spanish Dual Diploma, which provides them with a double qualification: the Spanish Bachillerato and the American High School Diploma, allowing them to apply directly to American Universities. Agora International School Andorra joined the prestigious international education group, Globeducate, in 2017.

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The School Site

Agora International School Andorra is located in the village of L’Aldosa, in the parish of La Massana, in beautiful surroundings at an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level and only 10 minutes from Andorra’s excellent ski slopes. The school site measures in excess of 7,000 m², with various areas designated for academic study, social and recreational activities, classrooms, a dining room, swimming pool, dance studio, and extensive sporting facilities and outdoor areas. Our international boarding house enables students from all over the world to study at Agora International School Andorra and comprises a three-storey building accommodating 50 students. Borders share rooms and the house incorporates two communal/recreational areas, a dining room, a study and all the services necessary to make our residential students’ lives happy and comfortable.

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Globeducate and WWF collaboration

An exciting partnership between Globeducate and WWF will impact on the education of more than 25,000 young people and their wider communities. Globeducate is one of the leading K-12 international schools’ groups in the world, with more than 50 schools in 10 countries, and has launched a global agenda for change: an agenda that prepares […]

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Welcome to Globeducate

NACE Schools was founded in 1972 and since then it has seen consistent expansion. Starting in Spain, our network has spread across Europe, Canada, India and most recently Malaysia. We now have more than 50 schools in 10 countries, educating more than 25,000 students. We are truly a global network and a leader in international […]

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Agora International Andorra, sede de la mayor planta solar de Andorra

El Agora International School Andorra se convertirá en breve en sede de la planta solar más grande de Andorra. El compromiso con el medio ambiente, que deseamos sea uno de los distintivos del nuevo Agora International School Andorra, se materializa en este caso en el contrato firmado el mes de julio con la compañía eléctrica […]

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Jove Voluntariat Lector

El proper divendres 12 d’octubre comença la temporada del “Jove Voluntariat Lector” al centre sociosanitari El Cedre Aquesta associació, inscrita al registre del Govern d’Andorra, va néixer ara fa sis anys a la nostra escola. Durant el transcurs d’una classe de llengua en què estàvem realitzant un comentari de text sobre la solidaritat, un grup […]

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